Funeral businesses are often faced with very different market conditions, financial constraints and investment requirements as they look to expand and develop. Our team of professionals at IMandA brings a wealth of experience to your business needs in the UK funeral profession.

With you support, we can make an evaluation of your business, and recommend areas for organic growth from within or discuss with you the various expansion opportunities that you may want to consider. 

These could include:

  • Growing base business and increasing local market share
  • New market development
  • New business development
  • Develop a business plan

Deciding on your strategy for future development is one part of the review. The preparation of a detailed business plan in order to obtain the necessary support to achieve it is equally as important. We can help you put the pieces in place as the strategy unfolds. There are a number of other specific development opportunities for you to consider which we cover under Management buy-outs / buy-ins and Venture Capital funding.

For full details call us on 0141 942 7434 or contact us.