A typical scenario is where an existing member of staff could take the helm of the new business and possibly participate in the equity structure of the new venture. We at IMandA can assist with this type of new venture. The key to it is finding the right people to head up the Funeral Directing activities of the new business

This might be an option for you selling your business where a lead funeral director is available to the new venture.

The next and very important stage is to provide the capital structure for the business that allows it to develop and grow under new ownership.  IMandA can provide much support in this area.

Typically the new venture will need start-up capital and then development funding as the new venture makes progress. These funding packages could involve, venture capital, private equity, commercial term loans and even the seller agreeing to remain in the venture, with either a short term loan and/or in a minority equity capacity.

IMandA can assist in these type of new capital structures to meet the needs of all the parties involved in the sale of the business.

The key to the success is finding the right people with the right motivation to lead the new venture going forward.

For full details call us on 0141 942 7434 or contact us.

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