The world of corporate finance and the tax implications of a business sale are vast, as are the circumstances within each business sale. Getting sellers the right price, terms and conditions are key but just as important is getting the structure of the deal right for you.

Finance to support business sales can take on many forms. Corporate buyers and larger independent firms can often provide all the funding themselves, without the need to bring in a third party source of finance. If external finance is required then IMandA can assist with all forms of support that might be required. This includes commercial term loans, and different sources of private equity finance. Tax also plays a key role in Business sales, and getting you the right advice for your business sale is important to us at IMandA. Should you require specific advice on any tax matters we can provide you with the necessary guidance that takes in to account your specific circumstances.

Whatever your funding or tax needs are let’s discuss the options available to you by contacting us at … 0141 942 7434 or contact us.