Realising your investment in your funeral business can bring its own challenges in the eyes of the next investor. A financial valuation and a well prepared Offering Memorandum is a starting point, but the actual price, terms and conditions are determined by the purchaser.

Once we have the business prepared for marketing the next stage is to find the right buyer for you. We work with the corporate buyers, and other independent firms in the UK to consider an outright purchase.

Other options for your consideration are:

  • Management Buy-outs / Buy-ins
  • Venture Capital or Private Investors

Quite often you may have a key member of staff who would consider an investment opportunity in your business but not have the capital to achieve this themselves. This is a scenario we are familiar with and there are many different ways to achieving that possibility with you obtaining your exit plan and at the same time allowing the business to go on under new ownership.

We work with a number of funding organisations and we can put the investor pool and other finance in place to achieve your exit goals.  

For full details call us on 0141 942 7434 or contact us.

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